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In 2020, the World Bank estimated at least 49 percent of the population had access to electricity. While variations exist between rural and urban areas, in 2023 the Somali Household Budget survey estimated more than half of the population (61.9 percent) had access to electricity, demonstrating progress on the expansion of electricity services in the country. There are significant differences in electricity access between places of residence, as most urban dwellers have access to electricity (80.1 percent) while only about a third of rural residents (39.4 percent) have access. Fewer than 9 percent of nomads or migratory herders have access to reliable electricity supplies

Somalia’s energy sector is considered promising for growth and investment. Small and medium-sized private sector companies are the main providers of electricity generation and distribution, primarily running diesel powered systems through off-grid networks. Private Somali companies generate approximately 128MW; most companies generate and distribute electricity independently. The Federal Government of Somalia has recently introduced electricity-related standards and regulations to improve safety and service delivery

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Energy Summaries

Electricity Total/Year Per Capita
Energy Demand 711.20 m kWh 38.18 kWh
Own Consumption 311.20 m kWh 16.71 kWh
Production 346.20 m kWh 18.59 kWh
Electrification/Electricity acces percentage 40.00 -

CO2 Emissions

Year CO2 Emissions Per Capita Emissions
2023 654213.00 t 0.04 t
2022 5415245.00 t 0.29 t
2021 5642512.00 t 0.30 t

Production Capacities per Energy Source

Energy Source Total in Somalia/Year Percentage in Somalia Per Capita in Somalia
Diesel 2.0 kWh 100.0 % 0.11 kWh

Emission By Sector

Sector Percentage Year
Residential 49.40% 2021
Residential 50.60% 2022

Electricity Consumption By Sector

Energy Supply by Source

Biomass Consumption by Sector